Everything you need

Core Services

Robust, foundational services that do all the heavy lifting, so you can focus on building your robotics capabilities.
Custom, typed metadata fields
You decide what your metadata structure should look like.
ROS 1/2 bag Support
We support ROS log formats out of the box.
Metadata search
Find what you need with advanced and powerful search capabilities
Custom robolog format support
Our support doesn't end at ROS, we support custom/ non .bag data formats as well.
Supplementary file support for automated metadata enrichment
Have data that you want associated with a log? We have that covered.
RQT plugin for metadata search and viewing
Visualize your data and annotate it easily.
Ontology support
Have an Ontology? We support it out of the box.
API access for easy tooling integration
Build? Buy? Why choose? use our API to build custom applications and scripts that fit your needs.

Explore & Understand

Analytics & BI 

Run analytics and understand your message data like never before.
Automated un-nesting of message data for ease of analysis

We make your data compatible with all major analysis and data science tools.

Jupyter Notebook like instance for data analysis

We provide Industry-standard tooling to run analyses out of the box. 

No code/Low code hosted dashboarding and metrics

(Coming soon!) Make dashboards with ease, and share them internally or with your customers. 

Event Autotagging

Understand your data at scale. Make taggers with code or without code. Simply define rules that specify the event you're looking for, and you’re good to go. And soon, you can trigger actions based on tags to automate your workflows.

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Build? Buy? Why not both? Our API lets you build fully customized applications and tools that fit your organization's needs and ensure your requirements are met. Fully documented and fully functional. 

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