Arun Venkatadri
December 11, 2023
7 mins

How to Solve the Biggest Challenges Related to Robotics Software Development

Robotics software development has its share of challenges, Model-Prime is designed to deal with them.

How to Solve the Biggest Challenges Related to Robotics Software Development

Robotics organizations strive to deliver new capabilities and improve software performance by iterating as quickly as possible. In doing so, most organizations face similar challenges related to:

  • Analyzing software performance at scale
  • Leveraging available data to accelerate model development
  • Operational costs due to inefficiencies in cloud and data management

Solving these challenges often requires proficiencies outside of the core competencies of a robotics organization. As such, investing time and staffing in these areas shifts focus away from the organization’s key objectives.

Software Performance Analysis

Most robotics data formats do not enable easy analysis at scale using existing tools. Teams often must invest significant time converting to alternative data formats in order to find interesting events, extract historical performance information, or triage events on even moderate volumes of robotics data. 

Furthermore, data analysis within a robotics log and large-scale aggregated analysis across robotics logs, such as detecting trends or performing scenario coverage analysis, requires non-trivial data and cloud engineering effort to ensure proper data modeling, ETL, and infrastructure set-up and maintenance.

Model-Prime’s platform addresses these challenges by providing a turn-key solution that includes:

  • Metadata management to make it easier to find data of interest and to enable the enrichment of robotics logs with information that makes them more useful to your team, such as triage and event information applied to relevant time ranges of specific logs
  • The ability to automatically identify interesting events on every log uploaded using data-driven event definitions that your team members can easily construct using our Auto-tagging feature
  • Analytics capabilities that allow you to use Python or SQL to explore robotics log message data and create visualizations

Coming soon: A no-code solution for building dashboards for your team and customers.

Leveraging your data for ML workflows

ML workflows require highly curated data that is well-managed to ensure the integrity of the resulting models. Model-Prime makes it easy for your team to search and find data needed for training and validation either using our web UI, or our APIs directly. 

Furthermore, our upcoming Robosets feature allows your team to group this ingested data into sets that can be versioned and used to feed data into your training and validation pipelines. 

Operational efficiency

The capabilities mentioned above enable process efficiencies and faster development cycles. In addition, Model-Prime can further enable cost savings by ensuring your team only saves the data needed for development or reporting. 

Our Data Retention capabilities that are under development will allow your team to define retention policies quickly based on data attributes and utilization. You will be able to apply a retention strategy that discards data that you do not need or archives data that you may be required to retain, but no longer need for development. This saves you storage costs while ensuring retention of the data your team requires.

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