Arun Venkatari
October 25, 2023
3 minutes

5 Bullets on ROSCon 2023

Five (5) quick points on our takeaways from ROSCon 2023

5 Bullets on ROSCon 2023

We attended ROSCon in New Orleans this year, and we wanted to share some quick insights:

  • We see the ecosystem around robotics grow more and more. We’re seeing companies like ZettaScale, Viam, Intrinsic, Tangram Vision, and others not only show up but take leadership roles in sponsoring ROSCON and putting on many of the talks. We’ve seen this trend evolve conference over conference!
  • The ROS 2 transition is ongoing. This year, we saw many more talks focused on solving problems with ROS 2 vs just the transition process from ROS 1.
  • Google’s Intrinsic made a splash this year with a keynote by Brian Gerkey. We think that Flowstate is a landmark tool in the industry and will open robotics programming to many more people. 
  • Lots of talks on validation and verification this year. As robotics is deployed into more and more safety-critical situations, we will probably see this area get increased focus.  
  • Logging Cloud Infrastructure is still homebrew. We haven’t seen many companies look at third-party solutions to the problems they face in this arena. If you’re ever curious about what we can offer in this area, feel free to reach out at

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